My Promise To You: Organic And Wild-Crafted

The word “Organic” is used loosely in many forms and product descriptions, and really doesn't mean anything if there are no organic or certified organic ingredients that are truly used in a product.  It is not a buzz word I use,  but in fact it is the description of the real ingredients I use in my bath line collection.  

I work with and support local growers in my area for herbs, spices and I also grow my own, such as lavender, thyme, basil, lemon thyme, chocolate peppermint.  I use these ingredients for oil infusions, for my soapmaking and to incorporate into body butters, and skin polishes. 

Hand Picked Lavender From Maggie's

Hand Picked Lavender From Maggie's

Buying locally as much as I can as well as growing my own ingredients are very important to me.  It is part of my sustainability and insuring where my ingredients are coming from.  To know that no chemicals, pesticides were used in the growing process gives me peace of mind that my customers are getting a product that is wild-crafted (plants that have been grown wild in nature without human intervention and ideally have been harvested following wild-crafting guidelines).

This is my promise to you that all ingredients will always be chosen for its quality and how it is grown for freshness and sustainability for a quality product .