Signs Of Spring In The Air

Signs and sounds of Spring is in the air.  Here in GA we have been enjoying beautiful warm weather and blooms all around.  I love using essential oils in my soaps, but especially in my sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, body butters and lotions.  Another wonderful way of using oils are in diffusers to welcome in the spring.  I can't really leave open windows due to my allergies with pollen getting into the house, so I like to freshen my home with essential oils to cleanse the air. 

Here is a combination I love to use that you might like to give a try yourself:

10 drops organic lemon grass essential oil

10 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops organic rosemary essential oil

10 drops myrtle essential oil

5 drops ginger essential oil

Combine all the essential oils in 1/8 to 1/4 cup distilled water in a diffuser of your your choice.  To make more of, multiply the drops to match the water content of your diffuser, or if you find it to be a bit too strong for the space you will be using your diffuser or space, use more water for a softer scent.

To use as a simple room spray combine the oils in 1/2 to 1 cup water and pour into your bottle of choice.  Note: if there is an oil you don't like in this combination you can always create the blend without it or substitute with your favorite oil.

Blend to freshen and clean the air: This blend is a wonderful blend for creating a welcoming atmosphere in any room of your home.  

2 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops lemon essential oil

2 drops rosemary essential oil

again follow the manufacturer's directions on your diffuser of choice and if you don't have one of the oils called for in my blend recipe, you can still try this recipe without it.  You can also use this blend in a  spray bottle as a spritzer for your rooms.  I love this blend for the kitchen and bathrooms. 

I hope you enjoy these blends there are just so many wonderful oils on the market and the combinations are endless.  In a upcoming post I will share my favorite summer blends.