My Promise To You: Commitment To Truth In Labeling

For a long time it was not easy for me to look for cosmetics and bath products that did not cause me an allergic reaction.  Over the counter soaps, lotions, shampoos caused my skin dryness, breakouts and irritations, this is what ultimately led me to create my own bath and body products.  Within the skin industry there are many that are not required to fully disclose all of the ingredients that are used in the making of their products. If you visit the FDA's website you will find a statement which states "it is the manufacturer's and/ or distributors responsibility to ensure that products are labeled properly". That really isn't much of a confidence booster for me and certainly not okay with me when formulating my own recipes and blends for the products I offer my customers.  

I have aligned myself with the Natural Ingredients Resource Center and have taken the pledge about the quality and ingredients used in my products. The Natural Ingredient Resource Center was founded to provide a source of information and education about natural ingredients. I take the steps to volunteer all ingredient used and the pledge which I take seriously. 


I also include the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) in my ingredient descriptions on this website and on my product labels.

 You should always be careful when purchasing products that are sold over the counter and handmade products that do not have a clear written label disclosing the correct names of the ingredients used as well as on their website.  Your skin and well being is worth you taking the extra steps.  Also those making claims that their product are a cure all should also be a red flag if it is not confirmed by a doctor, some kind of health institute.

My bath products are proudly made right here in the USA. I make all the soaps, lotions, body butters and sugar scrubs . Where I externally have to source out products and ingredients, I make sure that they are ethically made using high quality ingredients.  I also grow many herbs such as lavender and mint that I use in oil infusions and as garnish on tops of the soaps. 

I'm committed to creating the kind of world I want to live in, healthy and as pristine as possible as well as honoring my time and that of others, by responding to customer concerns.

My Promise to you Commitment To Truth in Labeling. You will always know what is in the products I make. 

See You in The soap Kitchen.