A Journey of self-discovery and Healing Through Creativity

New book to be released May 2017

New book to be released May 2017

The seasons of ones life are filled with joys, adventures and happy memories, but it can also be seasons of sickness and mourning that can be difficult to navigate through.  I'm no different than many before me who have gone through seasons in life of trials, struggles and disappointments.

 I'm also one of the many who have come out of those difficult seasons much stronger, more compassionate and understanding person towards my family, friends and fellowman I'm a constant work in progress.  God has equipped me through the process of art to be able to not only paint how I feel but to be able to journal out my feelings through writing about it in addition to painting.   This process has allowed me to pour out my joys along with the difficult moments in my life along with my  prayer and devotional times with God which have been vital to me in every season.

When I finally made the decision to write my first book I did not want it to be about me just telling my story and hoping you the reader, would get something out of it at the end, but rather I wanted this first book to not only share the difficult seasons in my life and hope it would be of inspiration, encouragement and to let you know as you read and interact with it that you are not alone in your own physical pain or struggles you might be going through.  I also wanted this book to be a creative outlet for you very much like what I have done and continue to do by writing and creating art that helps me get through the bumps on the road that life presents. 

Within the pages of the book you will find several pages of paintings that I worked on through the many seasons of my life and I share what inspired it and what I learned through my process.  I provide you with blank and lined pages with prompts to guide you on your own journey of self-discovery.

The book will launch in May in time for Mother's Day and I will be sharing here on this blog all the specifics of the official book launch, pre-sale announcement along with a book giveaway.   

I will be sending out a news letter for the pre-sale of the book and if you like to be included in the newsletter you can fill out the form below and you will be noitified.  

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Live a life inspired and wishing you love, light & hope.