The Seasons In Our Lives

Title to book to be revealed soon make sure to sign up to my  newsletter to get notification

Title to book to be revealed soon make sure to sign up to my  newsletter to get notification

Those who know me on a personal level have witnessed the many difficult and painful seasons I have gone through in my short life and how I have coped in those difficult seasons with my faith and creative outlet of painting.

My close friends and family have encouraged me for a while now about writing a book to share my story because it is a testimony for others. I hesitate a great deal with the use of the word calling my life experience a testimony, I feel more comfortable and rather say that I'm an overcomer of some difficult life experiences that have made me who I am today.

I'm no different than many before me who have gone through seasons in life of trials, struggles and disappointments.  I'm also one of the many who have come out of those difficult seasons much stronger, more compassionate and understanding person towards my family, friends and fellowman I'm a constant work in progress.  When I finally made the decision to write my first book I did not want it to be about me just telling my story and hoping you the reader, would get something out of it at the end, but rather I wanted this first book to not only share the difficult seasons in my life and hope it would be of inspiration, encouragement and to let you know as you read and interact with it that you are not alone in your own physical pain or struggles you might be going through.  I also wanted this book to be a creative outlet for you very much like what I have done and continue to do by writing and creating art that helps me get through the bumps on the road that life presents. 

I will not just be sharing with you my difficult seasons, the doubts and thin ice moments I had with God, I will also be sharing with you images of paintings I created along my journey during my personal bible and personal studies and prayer life and how the act of writing along with painting can be used as a self-discovery and healing process.  My book can be used as a form of prayer and personal devotion time for you or just a quiet time process. 

The book has currently undergone its third edit and I'm so excited that my editor and I are now working on the actual design for the book cover.  There will be a bonus I will be including in the book as well. 

I will be revealing the title and cover design soon in my newsletter that I try to send out once a month.  so if you are not already one of my subscribers, I invite you to sign up for my news letter where I will share more about the book along with pre-sale and launch dates.  

Until than my friends I wish you love and light.