Painting Process 


The use of color, bold strokes, nature, music, words, emotions are used  to convey how God has worked and continues to work in my life  unto canvas.  I'm drawn to vibrant colors and interesting compositions, thick texture created with palette knives and a variety of tools and fingers.  I love working with paper and other mix media materials in my work and  exploring new techniques.  Working in a variety of painting styles, I don't believe one should be confined to painting in a certain style, one style may convey a feeling or experience better to me in that moment and so I go with that energy.  You can't grow as an artist if you don't explore other avenues in art.  Abstracts painting is another outlet for me which expresses the excited extrovert who resides within me as the introvert that I am, which at times makes it difficult for me to cope with crowds and other situations.  There is just so much beauty and whimsy around that I use to create artwork which I hope will bring a smile to people’s faces and to feel inspired and encouraged.  I take every opportunity to create and translate my hopes and love of life and gratitude’s through my work.  

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