Hi! I'm Maggie the Artist and Soap Maker and creative force behind Maggie G  Miller Enterprises, llc and this on-line  shop which showcases sustainable home Décor, Inspirational artwork and bath and body essentials.

My Eco Philosophy aligns with my love for God and passion for taking care of our planet that God created, so that we can enjoy its bounty by being conscious of how we take care of our homes and body with sustainable products.  All of this contributes to a Sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  We honor GOD by doing our part (Gen. Chapter 1)

I offer many design options that will enhance client’s health, comfort and lifestyle.  I look for creative ways to use re-purposed materials, and recycling in my artwork and furniture is one wonderful option of conservation. Dents and dings are left intentionally on recycled pieces as I'm not creating or producing new furniture pieces rather, giving new life to weathered pieces. Creative reuse of furniture and accessories brings new life and sentiment to items that are already part of a collection or piece that may have been passed on to you.

Pure clean simple organic soaps and bath products are meant to soothe, cleanse and heal your body mind and soul.  Keeping ingredient’s organic and pure as possible help you have a wonderful experience and great skin results.

I create products, which are beautiful,sustainable and healthy that will contribute towards making your home and your skin feeling fabulous along with excellent customer service.

Company Eco Friendly & Ethics Statement

Maggie G Miller Enterprises,llc an art and soap company, cares about the environment and we hope you do as well.  Here are several of the things we do to help keep in line with the companies goals and eco philosophy.  What we put down the drain makes a difference. We recognize that we are all supported by a complex system and that we do not have a full understanding of all of the processes required by a complex system and that we do not have a full understanding of all the processes required to make a livable world.  With this in mind, we strive to operate by the precautionary principle of, "First do no harm."

We strive to use as little packaging as possible and are firmly committed to reduce, reuse and recycle as much packaging and packing materials as possible, handmade papers are used for packaging. We hope you appreciate the intent behind this practice and also join us and our families in living a sustainable lifestyle if you have not already in this effort.

Each bar of soap is 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable and contains ingredients ethically harvested from sustainable resources.  I have created what I consider to be the most eco friendly and ethically conscious handmade soaps and bath essential product line in the market today.

  • Natural ingredients used in all products many grown in my garden
  • Products are biodegradable
  • Soap making process is environmentally friendly
  • No pollution no waste
  • Customers are not polluting their own bodies with chemicals which may cause skin problems
  • There are no chemicals going into our water systems from our hand crafted soap and other body products.
  • Products are not tested on animals
  • Donations of products go to non-profit organizations in my community and to other communities through the
  • We are recycling geek here in the studio and office
  • We use hand made paper and packaging made from recycled materials
  • We support companies and products with the same earth friendly ideals 

Ingredients you will never find in Maggie's soaps and bath essential product line

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Artificial colors & dyes
  • Artificial fragrances
  • Formaldehydes

Practices in the Hand Painting Process 

  • Non-toxic professional artist paints such as acrylics, real milk paint, chalk paints, varnishes are used. 
  • Organic and natural fabrics are used on soft goods such as pillows
  • Hand painted furniture is recycled, up-cycled and brought back to life

Truth in Labeling

What does it mean to be hypo-allergenic? Organic? Fair Trade? A growing consumer demand for organic, sustainably produced goods has had the unfortunate result of many industries practicing the art of "green Washing". Because there is little industry regulation of the use of labeling terms.  There is little to no assurance that many products in today's markets are labeled truthfully.  It is not uncommon to find companies saying that their 98% organic and neglect to add that the 2% is made up of toxic ingredients. It falls to the consumer to understand ingredients and do their own research.  It is not only very distasteful, it is also a dishonest practice.   

We have voluntarily chosen to follow the International Nomenclature For Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) standard.  This standard requires a full disclosure of all ingredients.  The customers we serve can be assured of the quality and integrity of what they are purchasing. 

Fair Trade

We make every effort to ensure that the materials we use come from certified Fair Trade Sources.  We believe that every worker and community should reap the benefits of their labors and considers fair wages and a clean environment to be among the basic human rights.