Image source:  Maggie G Miller Art & Design 

Image source:  Maggie G Miller Art & Design 

About the painting and its inspiration 

Inspired by the proverb women in proverbs 31:25, all of proverbs speaks of her beauty, her virtues and wisdom. The love her family had for her and  how it describes her strength.  The praise from family was the most meaningful because they were the ones who had observed her in every situation and truly know her character.  Such praise should encourage every women to follow in the steps and acquire wisdom as did this extraordinary women.   I can only imagine some of the struggles she probably dealt with while trying to be the best she could be for her family during this time.  

I have had to deal with many seasons in my life filled with health issues from emergency surgeries, near death moments and being bed ridden for long periods of time and all the challenges that brings when trying to raise a child and take care of a family.  With every challenge I have faced I have dealt with anxiety, insecurities, doubts along with the wavering of my faith.  I would not be honest if I did not share my faith waived from time to time season to season, but thank God for his grace and mercies, it has set me free from always trying to measure up to perfect standards that our society tends to  raise in an imperfect world.   I surely can't measure up to those high standards.   

My life has been messy, ugly and hard and through it all I have always managed to pick myself up and move forward, but not by my own strength.  When I look back through the most difficult seasons in my life, I can see know how God has provided me the strength to get through it, the wisdom to be able to make the right choices and the dignity to carry myself through my journey.  God as also managed to provide me with a crazy since of humor because I have surely laughed out loud through it all to help me cope.  Like my husband reminds me that laughter makes for the best medicine and I give him credit for always managing to keep me laughing even when I didn't think it was that funny. 

My personal studies of the proverb women has given me insight of the kind of women that I have become in Christ, as I delve deeper and deeper into Gods word and find so many golden nuggets of truth and wisdom.  I discovered the strength God had already built into my spirit that I did not know I had when facing my difficult seasons. Each and every day I continue to find strength and wisdom and as I continue to grow in my faith and as the verse said "she laughs without fear of the future".

Can you identify with this proverb women in this painting or with what I have shared?  You and I can get through the difficult seasons in our lives because God has prepared a way for us to be able to overcome and while doing so we continue to be strengthened, gain more wisdom and a sense a humor along the way.   We will be well equipped to be able to be all those things the proverb women was to her family and with no doubt the many who also observed her outside of her family circle and the strength they gained by her example.  You and I can also be that example to those in our inner circle and outside of it. God extends the grace to do so.

I'm humbled that this painting has resonated with many, each painting has its own journey ad and how it comes to life. This painting is a mix media piece the many layers of paper, paints words and color is a reflection of the many seasons and emotions I have shared here with you and my hopes for better days that I know for certain God will provide.  I hope Clothed in strength and dignity speaks to whatever season you might find yourself in and remember to laugh at the future with no fear.   

Wishing you much love and light.     


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