This past Sunday marked an ending and new beginning as I finished packing and walked out of my first artist studio outside of my home.  I shared this wonderful creative filled space with my daughter Katie at Hood Street Art Center in McDonough, Ga where we have been for close to a year.  It was a short stay there, but it was a stay rich with growth for me artistically and personally, making great connections and new artist friends while coming out of comfort zone and trying new things. 

A prayer was answered when an opportunity came unexpectedly for a larger studio space that we both needed in order to grow our independent businesses and allowing us to do collaborative work together.  It has been a hurried few weeks trying to sort and pack our belongings from our Hood Street Studio home and move to our new space at Mutiny Artwrx all while also preparing for my daughters College graduation in a few days.

I find myself yet again in a new season in my life, like a chapter in a new book one is anxiously waiting to turn the page to read the next line with anticipation.   This new chapter as a mom getting ready to see her child walk on a stage to receive her diploma has been quite emotional, I have been her biggest cheerleader, I have seen her for the past six years work and attending college and all the rigor that involves.  Staying up late at night doing the hard work and keeping God a priority in her life, she has been an inspiration to me in so many ways. 

We both are entering into new seasons, as the mom seeing her child taking new steps in her life and adjusting to the changes that will happen in a years’ time when she leaves home to embark on new adventures as she continues her college education and I also embarking in new career goals and growing my business, taking more leaps out of my comfort zone.   

Change is never easy, it can be painful, sad, scary and joyous all at the same time, its how I have been feeling as of late, but as I have done in the past in every season of my life, I embrace it all with an open heart and mind so that I can continue to grow and learn. 

I will continue to turn the pages in this new chapter I find myself reading, as a mother and artist and I look forward to creating new art in my new studio space and collaborating with my daughter and seeing her continue to grow into her own wonderfully made child of God.

Saying goodbye is never easy, it was so bittersweet for me closing the doors to the Hood Street Art Center and dropping my studio keys in the mail box for the last time.  The Hood Street and the Andy Davis Family have been part of this wonderful journey I am on, but I know there is so much more to come with my new studio space and opportunities for my artistic and personal growth.  We will be moving into our new space soon, I take with me fond memories of making my first studio space our own, putting our own stamp on things as they say as I prepare for a new season and living a life inspired.