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The life of an artist can get hectic and busy and it has been two months since my last post, I get so involved in working in the studio and living life and I interact a great deal on instagram that I forget to blog about exciting things that are going on.  I deal with aches and pains from a fall in 2012 that my body does not want me to forget so in between studio times I'm always in search of new therapies that can help me cope better so I can continue to enjoy my painting sessions.  Painting is a very physical activity I normally have long painting sessions that can go anywhere from 4 to 8 hours and my body does not like that too much. A new treatment I'm having called the graston method breaks down scar tissue and it is already giving me so much relief and I have a ways to go to getting stronger.  You can read more about this treatment here

Life keeps moving forward and so does painting I have been working on several cloudscapes and some abstracts.  My cloudscapes have been posted on my shop and I even shared them on another blog that I write called the pearl seeker

And I'm also excited about a new adventure I will be taking and I will share more about that in the next few weeks as there is some work still to be done before I can share. It has been one of the many dreams and goals I have for this little art business of mine.  So stayed tuned for a new post and reveal.  

In the mean time here is wishing you Love and Light.