Meet The Maker

Hello, I'm Maggie! and thank you for stopping by this special place, my creative space the studio where I share all things going on in the studio from creating art and what inspires the piece I'm working on  to making soaps, lotions and other yummy goodies all to nourish your mind body & soul.  I create from the heart and share from it as well from my struggles and joys and how creating art gets me through those little rough patches in life.  

Oh and by the way, I struggle with a tad of dyslexia and I'm sure there will be some words here and there that just might not look right, and you know those folks who go a bit bunkers with correct punctuation and all might just go a bit crazy reading my blog, but I keep things real and I make no excuses.  I try my best to get it all right and you know waht, I won't always, and that's ok God created me just as I'am, Wonderfully made so that I can share my gifts with you.  

My intent is to inspire and encourage through my art and all that I create from the heart. So I hope you stick around, stop by often to read about what is going on in "The Studio".

Go here to this link to read about me the maker and all that inspires me.  Meet The Maker

See you around In The Studio.